Customer Relationship Management Solutions

Afflux Consulting Services Inc. values customer relationship and satisfaction more than anything. With our innovative IT interface and tools, we enable the technologies and processes that play a significant role in tracking and leveraging customer interaction. Our aim is to maximize opportunities and improve customer loyalty in the long run.

What We Do ?

We utilize Customer Relationship Management, i.e. CRM to limit the costs involved in routine tasks and automation. Our team has expertise in deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM for sales, marketing, customer service and management. We offer:

  • Grants & Funding Management
  • Licensing & Permit Management
  • Tax Incentive Program Management
  • Registry Management
  • Flexible Data Model
  • Workflow and Eventing
  • Scheduling & Task Management
  • Office Automation/ Email Integration
  • Dashboard & Reporting

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About Us

Afflux Consultancy Services Inc. is a leading recruitment company in Toronto providing IT staffing, management and consultancy services to employers and candidates. Request a no-obligation quote to get started.

Afflux Consultancy Services Inc.

Office : 416-229-2929

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