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Are you a qualified individual looking for a job in the IT industry? Do you own an information technology business and want to hire experienced staff? If yes, Afflux Consultancy Services Inc. is here for you. We are a full-service IT staffing firm located in Toronto that is proudly serving the businesses and individuals with a spectrum of recruitment solutions.

From reaching out to the potential candidates to shortlisting their profiles, assessing their skill set, we are always ready to find the right fit candidate for a job.

Our Expertize in IT Recruitment

When it comes to information technology recruitment services, both candidates and businesses rely on us. Our team specializes in recruiting knowledgeable candidates who are available to work both full-time and part-time in the IT domain, and best fits your company requirements.

If you are a company recruiter, discuss the job profile you are open with, and Afflux will help find the right talent for you. We keep updating our database quite often to prevent any delay in the staffing process. We assist individuals and companies in:

  • Finding the right jobs for job seekers
  • Finding qualified candidates for employers
  • Meeting staffing and recruitment requirements

Why Choose Us?

At Afflux Consultancy Services Inc. in Toronto, our consulting team is focused on providing the best-in-class IT staffing services for both contract and permanent employment sources. No matter, how expert your in-house recruitment team is, choosing the right candidates and matching their skill-set with the required job post is a daunting task.

To ease your hassles, our staffing experts break up the recruitment process in different processes to avoid the employment challenges you were previously facing.

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About Us

Afflux Consultancy Services Inc. is a leading recruitment company in Toronto providing IT staffing, management and consultancy services to employers and candidates. Request a no-obligation quote to get started.

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