Data Center Assessment

Do you think your data center is as healthy as it should be? Do you want to prepare a data center and IT infrastructure to meet your future growth? Have you planned a recovery or backup of business data? If yes, Afflux Consulting Services Inc. is here for you. Ours is a trusted IT consulting company providing a spectrum of assessment services for the data center and its processes. By conducting a weekly or bi-weekly review of your business infrastructure or processes, we make sure your data center is ready to accommodate any request or job thrown at it.

What We Do ?

By reviewing and evaluating a business plan, we perform due-diligence to evaluate how prepared you are to tackle an unprecedented data or backup disaster. We focus on:

  • Personnel and Support Issues
  • Server and Storage Infrastructure
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Physical & Network Security
  • Inventory of Data Center Components
  • Infrastructure Analysis
  • Current State of Risks

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About Us

Afflux Consultancy Services Inc. is a leading recruitment company in Toronto providing IT staffing, management and consultancy services to employers and candidates. Request a no-obligation quote to get started.

Afflux Consultancy Services Inc.

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