Infrastructure Consulting

To surpass your business competitors and to stay in pace with the technology, it is important to invest in infrastructure consulting. To refine your capabilities in this ever-evolving world, you must know how to adapt to or support new applications and capabilities. With IT systems and infrastructure becoming more sophisticated, it is better to maintain your serviceability.

At Afflux Consulting Services Inc., we are your local IT consultants who are proudly serving the technical businesses of all sizes with the right infrastructure consulting services that aim to reduce the risks and costs involves at all managerial levels.

Our Expertize

  • Data Centre Migration
  • Disaster Recovery Assessment
  • Optimizing Server Virtualization
  • Reduces Data Centre Cost
  • Outsourcing/ Shared Services
  • Customer Oriented IT Service
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Critical Area Assessment
  • Network Design & Synthesis
  • Data Storage & Backup

What Makes Us Different?

From IT assessment to security, we work with our clients to identify opportunities to improve data efficiency and utilization along with maximizing the cost savings across the core infrastructure. Our holistic approach has allowed us to earn customer satisfaction and trust in the long run. We follow processes, policies and procedures that help in bringing the best value for your investment.

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About Us

Afflux Consultancy Services Inc. is a leading recruitment company in Toronto providing IT staffing, management and consultancy services to employers and candidates. Request a no-obligation quote to get started.

Afflux Consultancy Services Inc.

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