Project Assessment

It is important to review how your project is working or going on by conducting reviews. Project assessment is a valuable tool that helps in determining the flow it is flowing in and also lets you know if it meets your business objectives or not. Right from reviewing an on-going project to assessing the one that was completed in the past but didn’t result in success, our team at Afflux Consulting Services Inc. is here for you.

What We Do ?

We specialize in IT project assessment and review. For past many years, we are assisting individuals and businesses in conducting an independent review of a project as a checkpoint to ensure your goals, processes and commitments are met. We focus on:

  • Project Governance
  • Strategic Control
  • Project Structure
  • Project Management Processes
  • Project Management Skills
  • Current State of Project
  • Project Scorecard
  • Business Impact Analysis

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About Us

Afflux Consultancy Services Inc. is a leading recruitment company in Toronto providing IT staffing, management and consultancy services to employers and candidates. Request a no-obligation quote to get started.

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